Google ADS & Copywriting the perfect combination to persuade your audience


To make your Google Ads campaign work flawlessly, it’s not enough to just create a campaign and let everything be done automatically. You need to be more personal with your audience and write ads that get you there.

This is the art of copywriting, creating a compelling message to promote your service or product. So, beyond simply writing online, copywriters are experts in digital marketing whose purpose is to convince readers to take action.

The business strategy that a good copywriting campaign should have
With this in mind, your campaigns must be accompanied by quality and relevant content that evokes your customers’ desire to engage in your sales strategy.

Attract attention without arousing suspicion

First of all, do you know what a “person” is? Not well, mastering the term is important because it will help you make a living at scale. In the marketing world, characters are semi-fictional beings who have one thing in common: they have the same problems as quotes.

In other words, they use their habits and logic to represent their consumers. This is why it is important to define your target persona before launching your campaign.


Targeting your prospects by researching their profiles makes it easier for you to understand their search intent and needs. In this way, you can use a variety of copywriting concepts and stand out from the plethora of ads flooding Google.

The latter focuses more on price than user needs, and thus is less engaging and engaging than copy-written campaigns.

When you’ve done that work, don’t think that’s it, you still have work to do. So if you have an idea but no inspiration, don’t hesitate to come up with and leverage certain phrases that have proven their effectiveness, and use them if you’re sure they work.

This communication strategy requires your campaign text to have a persuasive and dynamic tone, where action verbs and sometimes names can be allowed in imperative sentences.
The idea is to attract customers, to exaggerate, to make promises, to tell stories, to guarantee service. Whichever method you choose, target your target person directly.


In any case, you can add additional information to your ad, as Google Ads have at least a dozen extensions in addition to auto-expands.

Don’t hesitate to use these questions, they will help motivate your audience. If possible, include some emojis in your ad to make it more dynamic.

One thing you should never do is not let other people see the content of your messages. This step is often overlooked when organizing ADS campaigns. No matter how good your ad is, if it’s riddled with misspellings, you risk losing credibility.

Marketing Concepts with Three Different Approaches

When it comes to how best to write copy, many marketing technology acronyms have popped up in recent years.


Next, we analyze three methods that are highly rated by experts.

AIDA Methodology

This is the most famous. Its name comes from the English abbreviations: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Fortunately, in Spanish it has the same order and meaning.

  • Note: In this case, the main thing is to grab the attention of potential buyers right from the start. Therefore, you should consider strong words in the title and the first few lines.
  • Interest: After the first step, you need to stimulate curiosity and interest in your services.
  • Desire: Since they are interested, you need to stimulate their desire by showing them that your product offers them a solution superior to your competitors.
  • Action: Time to get them to buy. Here you need to come to a strong conclusion with the call to action you’ve been waiting for.

performance appraisal system

This marketing technique means: problem, excitement, solution. Yes, that’s where we get the buyer’s attention by hitting the nail on the head.

  • Problems: Here, we directly address customer problems by revealing the problems they face.
  • Excitement: The questions mentioned in the first step are exacerbated and developed to arouse the reader’s emotions.
  • Solution: Now that your audience is listening, all you have to do is show them the solution to the problem, i.e. your product or service.
  • In this approach, we start the policy with a problem, but we end the policy with a good solution to the target problem. That’s how we connect our audience with us because we have something to offer them.

ocusing on the buyer’s problem first or showing empathy is the way to arouse their emotions. Once this emotion is touched, customers act more rationally and take action.

CBA Methodology

This is a classic and effective technique used by marketers in the industry: features, benefits, calls to action.

  • Features: I have to talk about the product here, and mention its most prominent features.
  • Benefits: Highlight the benefits of the feature and what customers will get when they buy.
  • Call to Action: Here we have to invite customers to try the product for themselves.
  • As you can see, copywriting is a testament to the persuasiveness of words. This marketing writing technique was around long before the digital age and is more relevant than ever.

Apply these ADS copywriting strategies and you will see that you will achieve very positive results.