19 Jul, 2022

Hypnotize your clients with these fun tricks

Do you want to make money with internet marketing strategies? Then one of the best ways is to make your customers feel like they totally identify with your company and don’t want to stop consuming your products.

Below we share some alternatives that can hypnotize your clients. Do you want to know more? let’s start! !

Improve your offer without reducing the original price

You can make your sales proposal more attractive if you add additional bonuses to your original offer from the start.

For example, many companies also offer free “samples” of products from similar brands.

For example, in the case of hair products, samples of conditioners, conditioners, etc. can be added for free.

If you sell other types of products, you can add discount coupons for future purchases or a percentage return on purchases.

Keep your ads up to date

Remember, your business will be successful if you keep your ads attractive and up-to-date. Use every season

Maintain a database of your customers and potential buyers to send out business-related promotions from time to time.

For example, you can have great promotions on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.

You can even organize surprise events for your customers to “liquidate” your company’s products and encourage your customers to buy yours.

Strive to resolve customer criticism and complaints as soon as possible

If the customer is not satisfied with the transaction, there is nothing to do. If there is a criticism of the care received, remove the complaint as soon as possible.

Work hard to resolve any issues that arise and handle complaints quickly and in a positive manner.

Choose from an experienced customer service team, ready to listen to complaints and find solutions.

Remember, sometimes it’s better to give up some aspect of your relationship with your customers than damage your company’s image.

Consider refunds when circumstances permit, e.g. B. If the product arrives defective or the customer is too conflicted (which may be the case).

Most importantly, make your customers feel treated individually and differently. Satisfied customers will no doubt buy your products again and again and recommend your products to family and friends.

Run sweepstakes and contests

Who doesn’t love to compete? Participating and having a chance to win prizes is often exciting and fun.

bingo? a match? lottery? Every opportunity is an option to get more leads.

For example, if your business is baby products, you could run a social media contest where the photo with the most likes wins.

Use all your creativity and imagination to make it attract the attention of potential clients. Spread in your e-newsletters, social networks, etc. Unlike others!

19 Jul, 2022

Strategies for viral marketing in your business

How many times do you hear in the various media, about such an image, video or other “going viral” on social networks.

For this reason, many companies employ different strategies so that their content can quickly become popular and reach the target audience where they want to promote their products or services.

In this sense, when we talk about viral marketing, it implies that participation and interaction between potential prospects with the company is stimulated.

Understanding that a good image, brand or video can generate positive exposure on the networks thanks to the networks, is essential today.

A well-established company, with a friendly image to the public and that provides adequate attention, will be successful thanks to the recommendations of satisfied customers or the so-called “word of mouth”

What is viral marketing?

When we talk about viral marketing, it means that the disseminated content is attractive and attractive for the niche market.

For example, if we have social networks, an original image or “meme” about the business with some funny image, it will be possible to capture the attention of thousands of followers for your business.

Unlike traditional marketing, viral digital marketing implies that there is a high emotional component.

If the ad generates a variety of sentiments, the content is likely to be shared by potential audiences.

Isn’t a meme with a figure of a cute pet cute? A video about Christmas with a meaningful message? Good viral marketing generates emotions and feelings.

A strong emotional attraction will be possible using some strategies, as outlined below:

1) Seek to solve a problem or address a deficiency

The consumer will look for the product or service to solve a specific problem, answering the questions: What will it do for me? Will it solve any problem or need?

For example, suppose a hair product could be focused on solving a certain problem. Be it baldness, dandruff, etc. the commercial should focus on that.

If what is sought is a product aimed at beautifying it, the advertising should focus on showing how attractive and healthy the hair will look using said product for a certain time.

Viral marketing must seek positive solutions. You need to show the potential customer that you know how they feel and know their problems.

2) Take into account the emotions of the potential client

If you are thinking about what to talk about the stock market, about a scientific concept or another to achieve a result in viral marketing, you are wasting your time.

Unless your target audience is a narrow niche in the scientific community, purchases are generally made on the basis of emotion.

At first, the potential customer will feel the irresistible need to buy a product or consume a service. (For example, a person who wants to lose weight will see an advertisement about a gym, or some weight loss product and it will be very attractive, because it responds to what they are looking for)

Once the product or service “captures” that emotional need, the next step is to rationalize it.

Therefore, if the client reached the advertisement via a social media ad, try to capture the “leads” or “potential customers” through a landing page.

Why is this important?, where potential interested parties are followed up, periodically sending advertising where they are reminded of the type of product or service they have.

How can viral marketing advertising be effective?

Remember that the potential client is looking for a solution to a problem, therefore, provide results or solutions to it through your products or services.

Effective viral marketing should make the customer feel fully involved with the product and see its benefits.

Therefore, you should seek to use attractive images for the product or service. Visualization is extremely important to get more sales.

What emotions are usually evoked for viral marketing? among them we could point out fear, greed, vanity, lust, pride, etc.

For example, one way to make attractive advertising is when people are shown in luxury cars, with branded clothing, etc., which usually gives a certain “status”.

This advertising can respond to both vanity and the need to stand out from others, giving an image of personal success.

Get the potential customer involved and feel that they are actually going to receive tangible benefits from the service or product.

The more feelings a viral advertisement generates, the greater the chances that there may be conversions in the business.

Sales closings should be as fast as possible, to prevent the potential client from “backing off.”

19 Jul, 2022

Steps to a successful business

Below we give you some advice to help you build a successful business and stand out in your market, read on!

do what you love and enjoy what you do

Doing what you love will make you feel like you’re having fun while making money. Find your primary motivation and you’ll never feel like you’re going to work in your life.

Most people start a business based on how much money they want to make. That is to say, their original intention to start a business is only the idea of ​​making a fortune.

While many millionaires do make a fortune from their own businesses, that shouldn’t be the only motivation for your startup.

If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re not going to succeed, at least mentally.

Of course, while money-based businesses can be profitable in the long run, the mental pain of working at a business you don’t like can come at a high price.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who charge big fees but sacrifice time and health to get those numbers.

Many of them end up sick with broken families, broken personal relationships and literally.

When you don’t like what you do, business becomes a chore, not a pleasure. All of these can affect health on both a physical and mental level.

Find a niche business and start without thinking too much

There is no need to invent something from scratch. Many young entrepreneurs think they need a new business idea to be successful, but this is not the case.

Most successful companies do not stem from innovation, but from demand. Instead of completely changing the world, try to solve a problem or satisfy a potential customer.

As beautiful and idealistic as this sounds, not all companies start out with revolutionary ideas. Many successful entrepreneurs make huge profits by copying simple ideas that work for others.

Rather than trying to come up with a world-changing idea today, take a moment to look at the world around you and see where there might be gaps or needs.

In these spaces where needs need to be fulfilled or spaces need to be filled, business concepts are born. Include current business ideas that can be improved.

Many successful businesses are built by taking traditional businesses and making them better.

For example, fast food companies have improved over time and added some additional benefits. This can be home delivery, maximum wait times, discount coupons for regular customers, etc.

Focus on a niche market

If you don’t have millionaire capital and plan to open a supermarket, you’re better off working in a specific niche.

Many companies fail precisely because they try to provide everything for everyone.

If you’re short on capital, try focusing on just one market. Most new businesses fail because they don’t know who their target is.

If you like pets, create an item store for them. If you like plants, you can start a nursery. If you like to travel, you can use travel agencies, gyms, etc.

The more you know about your niche and the more you like the topic, the better your chances of success. Do not doubt that the time invested will yield extraordinary results.

19 Jul, 2022

Marketing Tips for Your Business

Here are some marketing tips you can apply today that can help you achieve extraordinary results.

Provide benefits and more information

If you want to encourage someone to buy from your business, don’t just talk about the possible benefits, you will do the same with your competitors.

Remember, provide profit and benefit while also giving your customers a sense of urgency to buy your product.

Point out what they will lose if they don’t buy your product or service. Create needs.

It’s not enough to make people feel compelled to buy a product. The customer has to buy this product very urgently, because if he doesn’t, he may lose an important benefit.

For example, you can start a campaign with a 50% discount on a product, but only for 24 hours.

It’s also a great option to sell your inventory at auction prices before the season ends.

For example, think about those infomercials that say “call now” and give a product a sense of urgency. Their ads tend to be enticing and often convey the feeling that if you don’t call quickly, the opportunity is over.

Present attractive innovations to your customers

Who doesn’t like gifts? Whether you offer products or services, surprise subscriptions add “extra” points to your business.

For example, if you have a business, why not offer free samples to your potential customers?

You can also give customers “loyalty” coupons, birthdays, commemoratives, etc. gifts or discount coupons. send

A surprise helps close more sales. Discount coupons, promotions, purchase points, unexpected bonuses, etc. are often the most popular options for customers.

There are promotions that include refunds on a percentage of purchases, discounts on future purchases, one-to-one shipping, and more. Anything that can attract more customers and “build their loyalty” will undoubtedly help.

In-purchase delivery service

The incentive for buyers is that the company offers free shipping. It’s usually one of the filters they choose when purchasing a product.

Again, look for a reputable and reliable delivery provider. When you sell physical products, many buyers are looking for products that can be shipped quickly. Waiting a few weeks can certainly put them off.

The same applies if you provide services. The faster you deliver your product to your customers without sacrificing quality, the better results you’ll get.

Rely on social media and a responsive website to serve your customers.

Today, customers search the Internet for products and services. Businesses looking to expand into more markets should try to answer any questions or concerns their potential customers may have.

In this sense, a “chatbot” with proper question and answer configuration can be a great alternative for your company.

These “chatbots” can be designed by programming experts, can also use Facebook chat, and can also act as “filters” to capture potential customers with certain programming.

Make the buying process easy

Make sure the buying process is easy for your customers, otherwise there will be an option to reverse the process.

Conversely, if your page is friendly and the buying process is simple, your customers can complete transactions smoothly and easily.

Add a shopping cart to your website, the option to apply discount coupons, customer service chat, and more.

You can automate all these processes on your website as your business grows.

19 Jul, 2022

Here’s how to choose the type of business you’re passionate about

Today he got up and asked himself, what kind of business is best for me? There is no doubt that choosing a type of business that you are passionate about is a challenge facing thousands of entrepreneurs today.

Maybe you really want to start, but don’t know which company is best for you.

A bad decision can have negative consequences. This is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of resources. So here comes the question:

How should I decide what is best for my business?

Before answering your question, analyze your startup profile. Every decision made must be considered.

Sometimes too much enthusiasm can work against you. Too often, entrepreneurs get carried away with impatience and make decisions that they later regret.

In business, making decisions without thinking can be costly in the long run. Before you start, analyze the field in which you will be working.

Entrepreneurs who start a business without learning are like jumping into a pool or ocean without water without being able to swim. Improvisation should never be a way of looking at a business.

However, there are also people in the business world who are too “timid” to start any projects.

They are perpetual planners who do market research and diagnoses but never execute.

These entrepreneurs are often slow to enter the business world, but it can discourage them from seeing immediate results.

If you fall into this category, take it easy. Work your way into the group of companies to make sure it’s right for you.

Remember, many entrepreneurs don’t realize the business world isn’t for them until they get stuck. After that, it’s hard to go back in time and there may be regrets.

If you don’t have much experience in business but want to get enthusiastic, then seek the help of experts in the field who can advise you.

There are also some entrepreneurs who want to start a business now and they barely know it exists.

They are business people who spend a lot of money to realize an idea but don’t know what it is about and are reckless. Being very enthusiastic is one thing, losing your mind is another.

If you don’t assess the risks of your business, you can lose money quickly. Always analyze the steps you need to take.

What steps do I need to take to start a business?

Use it if you have experience in a field. Let your experience guide you. Start with what you know.

If you’ve worked as an accountant for 20 years, have teaching experience, or have worked in the apparel industry, your niche should be that industry. Don’t try to enter an unfamiliar market because you may lose money.

You might also find a great business idea in front of you. Look around your workplace, community and school.

Are you seeing an unmet need, or can you think of a better way to start a business? If so, you may have a potential idea for a profitable business.

Finally, try to address the needs and be honest about what your potential audience wants.

Building a business has to start with a solid foundation doing what you love to do. Rest assured, you will achieve extraordinary results.

19 Jul, 2022

Defining the ideal customer for company marketing

Digital marketing is a type of promotion or advertisement that can be carried out through the internet, social networks or even some technical means.

It differs from traditional marketing in that it uses print resources such as flyers, posters, banners, and other mediums such as trade shows, television, radio, and more.

Today, this type of digital marketing offers countless possibilities. With a small investment, you can build a high-impact corporate branding strategy.

How does corporate branding affect corporate marketing?

Having a registered trademark to promote your business or product is definitely essential. Doesn’t this make sense when talking about brands like Instagram, Tik Tok, Netflix, Coca-Cola, and need explanation? Do not! This is thanks to the power of brands in business.

As a company gains its reputation over the years, it has a defined target audience to whom it can easily communicate a business product or service.

Even if a brand has been positioned correctly, customers will search for it without ads or anything.

Many of today’s well-known brands start with traditional marketing and gradually achieve commercial success through advertising, customer consumption, corporate strength, and word of mouth.

Therefore, your business should aim to define a corporate brand that your potential customers will recognize and search for to access your product or service. However, it’s not enough to just let them know that your company is a good company.

Therefore, create a good corporate logo to identify your business, and your potential customers should easily remember the logo.

Who is your ideal customer?

It’s not enough to have a great career. It is important to be clear about your market niche so that you can focus all your energy on attracting potential customers who are interested in purchasing goods and services.

Since you’ve started your business, you’ve had to work hard to identify your ideal customers.

Every business targets a specific audience, and ads should target that user.

Do you sell household items? Offer bonuses, discount coupons and “loyalty” points

Do you sell health and wellness products? Provide free advice to your potential clients. Suddenly, you can host online events with nutritionists, experts, and more.

Always try to stay ahead of your competitors. So, spark the interest of your ideal client.

Search for relevant information and define the profiles of potential customers in your own company to whom you would like to offer products or services.

Work with your work team to organize all the important information to serve your customers.

Solve a problem, satisfy a need, or create a need. The easier life you make for your customers, the better results you can achieve with your company.

Identify your audience

Do you know your audience? Do you know their tastes and preferences?

If you haven’t identified your ideal client, you need to start characterizing them. If you don’t know your audience well enough, you won’t be able to convey the right message.

If you have a work team, make it a habit to meet regularly to share ideas

Sometimes a “fresh” vision, coupled with “mature” contributions from team members, can lead to many surprises.

Later, you can also use other types of strategies such as B. prospect surveys, social network surveys, etc.

If you have the budget, do not rule out seeking the support of professional services to conduct market research.

If you have a limited budget, do some research and try a short survey with the data you want to know (age of your target audience, customer purchasing power, whether the product is attractive, etc.).

19 Jul, 2022

Creative Ways to Market Your Business

Do you want to stand out from the competition? Would you like to use some original forms of marketing?

So there are many creative ways you can use today to advertise a product or service that you can claim today.

  • Do you want to meet her then read on!
  • receipts and vouchers

When you create a sales receipt, include discount coupons, points earned information, promotions, and more in the same printout.

Rest assured, customers are more interested in companies offering promotions than in places without any “profit”.

For this reason, using sales receipts to promote your business is a great marketing option.

Remind your customers that they have a certain number of purchase points, sweepstakes options, discounts on home products, and more with every payment they make.

You can even use your coupons to add coupons to redeem household items like plates, glasses, trays, and more.

gift card

Ask your customers to sign up for a data form so you can send them messages about birthdays, holidays, and more.

For example, if you have a clothing company, the good news is:

Happy birthday dear (customer name)! We want to be with you on this big day, so we’re giving you a (%) discount coupon to use on your next purchase.

Dear (customer name), on this special day, because we are thinking of you, we are giving you the chance to play the winning roulette for Christmas and more.

Build strategic alliances

By partnering with other companies, you can save costs and resources. Strategic alliances allow you to excel.

They can even join forces through companies to share advertising dollars, web space, social media, and more.

Let’s say you start a new business in baby, parenting, and motherhood. You can seek to partner with social media influencers related to your home niche.

You can pay commissions for promotions or referral sales. You can also contact companies that sell household products.

Through your website and social media, you can promote the company and another company will do the same.

Host contests and giveaways

You can organize contests with subscribers, customers, and more. B. Bingo game, lottery, vibrato video, etc.

For example, you can organize a TIK TOK video contest where you promote your brand, the person with the most “likes” or “shares” wins, and the prize can be a voucher for your business to spend.

The interesting thing about this strategy is that you get aggressive ads from all potential customers, but only the final price is posted. Fun and creativity combine to make content a viral possibility.

Create attractive ads for your products or services

Standing out from other brands is crucial today. You can work on creating personalized articles, which is a market in high demand.

Who doesn’t want to receive a T-shirt with a family photo on it? Or maybe a personalized plush toy, special occasion breakfast, etc.

For this reason, the intensity of advertising, whether paid or through social networks, is very important. Make your product attractive and interesting.

When you’re in the confectionary industry, focus on a specific niche, such as vegan, celiac, ketogenic, and more. There are different types of options for specific niches, so you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors (if any).

19 Jul, 2022

Here’s an easy way to promote your business name

Even if you have a great business idea, not everyone initially has the budget to spend on traditional or digital marketing.

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to spend millions on advertising to make their brand a global benchmark.

Especially in the beginning, you have to put a lot of effort into giving your potential clients your company’s name.

In fact, don’t expect your brand to gain the same level of recognition overnight as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, KFC, etc.

Therefore, you should start small to promote your business and attract local customers.

Below we share some simple ideas on how to promote your business name or brand and make it memorable in the minds of your customers.

Examples of how to promote your business with very little investment

1. Create a website

Starting a business and promoting it on the internet will undoubtedly help your brand gradually gain recognition.

To choose a niche, then a domain and website, prefer the .com extension. In some cases, if your market segment is very segmented, it can be convenient to use a country-specific extension.

2. Create your company’s social network

Many entrepreneurs have found a significant space on social networks to sell and promote their brands.

Create your fan page on Facebook and your profile on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more, because that’s also where you can promote your business name. Creation is free!

Don’t hesitate to invest a small budget to have more followers in your network. It’s sure to be an excellent investment.

3. Invest in promotional items

Even if it’s getting rarer, invest a small budget for your business on promotional items.

Giving away calendars, pens, notepads, coffee mugs, clocks or stickers with your branding on it is a great way to remember.

Most people don’t hang their business cards on the wall, but an attractive calendar can stand in front of clients 365 days a year.

When investing in promotional items, consider what potential customers may use frequently.

Make sure these items are of high quality, have your brand logo on them, and are useful.

Investing in poor quality promotional items is a waste of money, as they spoil quickly and end up in the trash.

4. Start with the local market

Do you want to start getting acquainted? So start with your local market. Whether you start telling your neighbors, family or friends, let yourself know.

Check your local market first. Join the Facebook group in your city to get involved, make a valuable contribution and promote your business.

Search for Telegram and WhatsApp groups near you. There are thousands of buying and selling groups, why not promote your brand there?

Virtually endless local marketing resources for your small business. Local newspapers, radio stations, social networks.

You can also place bets on banners and billboards. Many people are willing to rent a place on their facade for a modest monthly fee.

So look for a place where you can advertise your business and coordinate with the owner to put up a banner or poster. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to pay a monthly fee to make room in their home. Analyze these simple alternatives to promote your business in an easy way and you will get very good results

19 Jul, 2022

Types of KPI Metrics in Digital Marketing

Knowing the KPIs in your business strategy is crucial if you want to get into digital marketing.

While there is a wealth of data to analyze the success of a campaign, when in doubt, performance metrics or KPIs are important and can be used for marketing campaigns.

In this sense, an organization, company or business has to choose which metrics help to analyze its strategy based on the goals set.

Generally speaking, we can divide the KPIs used to analyze the data generated by our marketing strategy into two categories.

Next we mention what they are:

The most important KPIs.

These are the primary metrics, the ones that managers or directors of the company look at first, as they represent the most visible results for the company after a marketing campaign has been launched.

Among these metrics we have:


In addition to understanding the visibility achieved on the web, traffic analysis can also identify the number of visitors and their interactions with the website.


Leads are a very important metric in a marketing campaign. This term is used to refer to those contacts who voluntarily participate in the interaction.

For example, these people have shown genuine interest in purchasing a product or service by registering, logging in or leaving their details through a form on the company or store’s website.

– Acquisition cost per lead

This cost is related to knowing if a campaign is performing well. This is what we get when we divide our investment in a marketing campaign by the number of leads it generates for us.

-exchange rate

This conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of conversions by the total number of visits.

Let’s remember that conversions happen when a user enters a website, performs a certain action (purchase, download, sign up, etc.).

-Total revenue

They are the revenue generated by the company during the event.

Secondary KPIs

These indicators will reinforce the most important indicators in the overall analysis of the implemented strategies. There are many, but we will mention some of them:

– Percentage of website subscribers that convert.

  • This is an important metric for showing visitor conversion into subscribers and is the result of dividing the number of monthly subscribers by the monthly traffic.
  • The number of monthly subscribers to the business newsletter or newsletter.
  • Return visits to the website
  • Traffic sources (organic, social networks, websites, etc.)
  • Geographical location (where the traffic is coming from)
  • Analyze traffic volume based on demographics (age, gender, religion, education, etc.)
  • Customer segmentation metrics. This metric is very important for analysis and decision making. For example, this allows us to know which group of customers contributes the highest percentage of billing so that future loyalty campaigns can be run for that group.
  • The Pages Per Visit metric, which is simply the number of pages viewed on our website by a single user.
  • Most visited content, this metric is important for understanding the preferences of users visiting the site and managing future activity based on those preferences.
  • keywords used
  • Fee per visitor
19 Jul, 2022

How do you develop a digital marketing plan for your business?

When you start a business, developing a digital marketing plan is an essential aspect so that you can best promote your product.

One of the mistakes thousands of entrepreneurs make is believing that having a good product is enough to make a company successful.

This is not always the case. Many companies fail now because of overconfidence in their products and services, forgetting that if they don’t know, they will have a hard time having interested customers in the future.

What is your company’s digital marketing plan?

A digital marketing plan means that you identify different steps to promote your business. To this end, some important measures must be implemented to achieve the goal.

Among the main actions to take to develop a marketing plan, we can point to the following:

1) Market research

Before starting a business, you need to conduct market research to determine the target audience for your product or service.

A common mistake is to develop a certain brand by focusing on a product or service that is not universal enough among the target audience.

This results in thousands of resources being spent on great potential products or services that are not known to potential audiences.

Therefore, it is very important to conduct realistic market research to determine who will be the main buyers of goods or products in the market.

They also help determine whether the product or service is really appealing to the target audience.

2) Determine the market niche

Not all products are aimed at the same audience. Therefore, it is important that you identify yourself in the business area you are implementing.

For example, if your company’s niche is motherhood, you should focus your advertising on meeting that need. It wouldn’t make sense to create an ad campaign for kids’ diapers with pictures of people drinking, would it?

3) Determine the activities and tasks to perform

Every digital marketing plan needs to define the activities that need to be performed. For this, everything needed to develop a digital marketing plan must be coordinated with the working team.

In this case, these would be activities and tasks that must be completed over a period of time (a year in this case).

A practice:

  • Run promotional campaigns on social networks to introduce products/services
  • homework:
  • Design a social network
  • Contract advertising services (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.)
  • Rent space in ‘influencer’ stories related to company themes

4) Create a budget

After the activity and task lists are created, the company’s costs must be defined.

For example, your business may need to hire advertisers, communicators, graphic designers, etc., which means investing.

You can hire these professionals through payroll or outsource the service.

Likewise, the debugging of ad services like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. is also cost-related.

So, the great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can segment your ads based on your market niche. Data such as age, gender, geographic location, etc., can allow ads to have more conversion options, such as B. Purchase a product, fill out a form, sign up, etc.

5) Establish accountability

A digital marketing plan must hold people accountable for execution. There must be collaboration within the companies, with the aim of reporting on their respective progress and results achieved so far.

6) Conduct regular monitoring

Once a digital marketing plan has been applied, it is necessary to monitor the progress of the activities performed. This is done to make appropriate adjustments.